About Us

Henry Paints Furniture has stemmed from my love of Period Homes, Decor and Furniture. For over 10 years I've been Restoring and Upcycling Antique Furniture, Sourcing Period Decor and helping customers with Interior Design.

The business started in 2013 when my own house restoration and interior project was finished. I couldn't help but continue to scour the country to see what vintage and antique pieces I could find. I love the process of sourcing, restoring, painting or just owning old furniture and decor. If I could keep it all I would, but for my wife’s sanity and lack of space the business started.

Vintage and Antique items are good for the environment, well made and can be very affordable compared to a modern equivalent. It’s a lovely feeling knowing you own something unique with a history that only you own.

All of my items are genuine vintage or antique. Items of this age come with obvious age related knocks, bumps and scratches etc. In my opinion this only adds to their originality, character and charm. If you are looking for pristine furniture I doubt my items will be for you.